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Project and Transaction Management

Many firms are currently considering how more effective project mangement could improve their bottom line.  If this is you - whether an L&D professional, a Partner or a B.D. Professional - click here. 


What Pennington Hennessy Does

About Jamie Pennington

jamieI set up Pennington Hennessy in 2002. In a days gone by this website would include a wry mention of my humorous extra-curricular activities.  Now I just offer you a photo and a link to my LinkedIn profile:

I work with others as required.  Sometimes I bring my own colleagues, sometimes I work with a firm's own people.

Free E-Book: 49 Tips for Rainmakers

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We have distilled 15 years of teaching partners how to develop business into a short e-book.  

The tips are based on lawyers' business development challenges, and offer advice at every stage of the business development process - from planning to getting client feedback. Just enter your details into the form below, and we'll send you a copy.